Top Seven Most Fattening Foods

Published: 05th January 2010
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Do you have hoards of excess stomach fat?

Then I bet you're consuming some of these fattening foods.

In fact...

I'd be willing to bet you eat at least two foods on this list regularly.

Scary thing is, if you don't stop you will have a super hard time losing weight. And I speak from experience when I tell you this... I struggled for three years to lose any fat. And I also have watched others struggle.

When we strictly limited the consumption of these foods the results were fantastic.

Exciting part is...

If you eliminate them right now you can begin losing weight really fast.

And it is very easy to do.

Here's the list of the top seven most fattening foods...

1. Refined Sugar

This is typically found in the form of high fructose corn syrup in most packaged foods. Just read the labels on the foods in your cupboards and it will most likely be an ingredient in about sixty percent of them.

2. Bread

Although bread can be very good for you, most people consume way too much.

It is a huge fat producer especially when consumed during times of low activity.

3. French fries

These are a double whammy.

First they are made of white potatoes, which can pack significant fat on your belly. Second they are fried. A deadly combo that is proven to pack on pounds of excess flab very quickly.

4. Pasta

Pasta is a heavily dense "starchy" carb food.

When consumed at the wrong times... it can quickly add excess fat to your stomach.

5. Soda.

Whether diet or not... do to extreme sugar content soda is among the greatest fat producing culprits on the planet.

6. Beer

Beer is loaded with empty calories and is known to cause wild spikes in your blood sugar levels.

Continuous consumption of beer will surely leave you with a lot of extra fat around your midsection. A common sign of heavy bear consumption is a beer belly.

7. Cheese.

Cheese is among the toughest foods for your system to digest.

When consumed in abundance it has a habit of sticking around in your intestines... a problem that leads to bloating and elevated fat storage.

If you need to lose weight then eliminating these fattening foods or at least strictly limiting them from your diet can work wonders.

I've seen it happen to many, many people.

So give it a shot today and see what kind of results you get.


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