Amazing Alka Seltzer Method Dissolves Fat... Permanently!

Published: 15th February 2010
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Ever watched an Alka Seltzer tablet dissolve in water?

It slowly gets eaten away until it is completely gone.

Well you can do the same with your excess body fat.

That's what this article is about.

Dissolving fat from the inside out. Not simply trying to melt it away with hundreds of hours of grueling sweat sessions.

It may shock you to know... but you can lose fat without exercise. In fact, what I'm about to share with you is more powerful than a full month of sweating your brains out two hours each day at the gym.

I discovered this fat loss secret after the years of frustration I spent trying to get rid of my below belly button fat. It seemed like I was just going in circles trying to lose it. Even the stuff that seemed to work... never lasted. I would just gain all the weight right back.

I finally got so fed up that I swore I would find a better way.

That's when I came across this "fool-proof" solution.

I couldn't believe how well it worked. The weight finally stayed off. No more struggles or frustration!

And this "solution"?... Well I can tell you that it is simple, but not easy. That means... there are no complicated formulas, dieting, hunger or anything like that. However, it does require work.

You must be willing to put the effort in.

But if you are really desperate to lose weight then the work shouldn't be a problem.

Let me explain.

Exercise does not address the true cause of your excess body fat. Neither does dieting or going hungry. This is why these things can't give you results that actually last.

The only real way to fix the cause is with food.

Food is the single most powerful drug on the planet. Food is the building block of your body, it has the power to make you fat or thin.

Now the definition of TYPE is actually very simple... The food is either chemically altered or it's not. That means, it was either grown with pesticides, hormones and other harmful chemicals... or it wasn't.

There is no "in-between".

So just imagine for a second that all you consume is heavily processed food.

Well, over a span of years this food literally designs your body. Your cells. Skin. Fat content. You become a real-life portrait of all that refined food.

Here's the scary part... if you purchase your food at the grocery store... this is you! Your portrait is virtually guaranteed to be full of excess body fat! Virtually ALL store purchased food is chemically altered. You can't escape it.

Now, imagine for a second that all you consume is organic food. Food that has never seen a man made chemical. Food in its most natural, healthy state.

Over time your body begins to resemble that. You have no abnormal fat. You are lean and sexy.

There are some people who NEVER get fat. This is the way they eat!

I'm telling you that this is the difference between being "naturally" thin or abnormally obese. To have excess body fat and other flab is not natural. The food you eat is causing it... period!

But the solution is simple...

You must begin eating food in its most natural state.

The hard part is that you must do it consistently. Each and every day of your life. When you do this you literally begin to re-shape your body because the fat dissolves from the inside out.

Just like that Alka Seltzer tablet. Absolutely thrilling stuff!


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